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Let us build a powerful resume with your new professional references that easily pass through online job screening portals and grabs the attention of employers! CareerExcuse  uses a Strategic Process that produces successful resumes that generate interviews leading to job offers.  Our Process provides areas for detailed one on one discussion, analysis and information gathering.  This helps create resumes that will fulfill the needs of our clients making them most desired candidate to be selected above all others

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Finally! A professional answering & resume service dedicated to helping job applicants create the image employers are looking for!  Our demonstrated history of success, makes us an industry leader in the fake job references business.

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Welcome to the Internet's only site committed to the development of truly customized, fake job references!  We work around-the-clock transforming mediocre job references into flawless, eye-catching professional job references that can make your resume stand out among the crowd and open new doors in your job search.  Our customized fake job references are designed not only to dramatically increase the number of interviews into which our clients are called, but also to maximize your chances in getting hired!

The Stream talks to the man behind a business offering false work histories for job seekers.


April 1, 2015 12:05PM ET

by The Stream Team   @ajamstream

Meet Career Excuse, which provides fake references to help you land a job 


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All Reference plans can be custom made using your requested Company name subjsect to approval.  To apply with custom detalis choose the Free Reference Request form and enter in all details to your needed References for approval. 

"I Bought Fake Job References on the internet and it WORKED!"

The Daily Dot

By Aaron Sankin
Editor of Daily Dot on December 16, 2013

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