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Don't Fake Your References With A Former Employer And Why A Fake Company May Be Better!

Faking your current resume with your former employer is a bad idea for this simple reason alone. IT DOESN'T WORK!

While faking a resume with your former employer will get you more interviews had you left it out and created a gap, those interviews will be just a waste of time because even the most simplest reference check will discover the missrepresenation. Your only hope will be your references will not be checked. If you are applying for $10hr job or have never had a job, it may be worthwile to chance it.

While it is very tempting to use a former employer on your resume, if you know you are not elligible to be rehired or resigned under poor conditions, leave them out of your current resume. There are options to combat the above if you are determined to use your former employer, but they are very costly, take a lot of time as it sometimes involves labor boards, attorney fees and in the final outcome, still lose.

If you find yourself using a resume with a former employer who may provide negative responses to any reference inquiry, you may want to consider talking to a CareerExcuse resume specialist who can piece togethor a strategy that best fits your abilities, and has a better chance of landing you that job!

CareerExcuse has launched a new service where we use one of our 200+ virtual companies on 4 continents, to make a reference inquiry as a potential employer. We will contact your former employer's HR dept and request they return a faxed employment verification form, as well as email or call your references for the following...

  • Title & Role

  • Employment Start & End Dates

  • Pay Rate. (optional)

  • Evaluation of 14 Key Performance Attributes

  • Reason for Separation?

  • Are you Eligible for Re-hire?

  • Can you be Recommended?

  • Strength of that Recommendation

  • Direct Quotes from your Reference

  • Documentated Multi-page report of what they said & the manner in which they said it.

CareerExcuse will provide you with time stamped documentation so you can see how long the reference check process took. As many times, there may never be a response from your reference provider or may take days and sometimes weeks to respond.

Knowing how your former employer responds to reference inquiries will provide you with critical information and how best to correct found issues, or secure in the fact you can attack your next interview with confidence!

Contact your CareerExcuse Support Specialist for more details!

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