Instant Degrees



Are the degrees Accredited?

Yes. They are 100% legally accredited.


Is really the best?

Yes we are.


We have been running this confidential service since 2001.

We are proud to have been reliably shipping high quality, 100% legal and verifiable degrees and transcripts to satisfied clients for over 11 years now.

We have been a valued and trusted client of CCNOW, an FBI audited and Hackersafe Certified service who have been the authorized retailer of since 2001. 1-877-226-6977 will
appear on your card statement.


Can the degrees be supported by a Hague Convention Apostille?



The Hague Convention Apostille is a form of Government issued ‘legalization’ that is guaranteed to be accepted as legal in any participating country. It is a VERY powerful legal tool.


The Graduation Package comes with a detailed explanation of the Apostille, the advantages of supporting your degree with one and instructions on how to apply for one under privileged and discounted terms and conditions. 


Are there any hidden fees?



The fees quoted are ONE TIME fees. You will only be asked for a further fee if you make a further order.



How long does it actually take to receive my Instant Degree?


This can vary greatly depending on what kind of Credit or Debit Card you use, your location and the location of the institution.  


Credit or Debit Card clearance is not done by us, it is done by CCNOW (a trusted authorized retailer).  This can take anything between minutes and a few working days to process.  We can only begin your application when we are informed by CCNOW that your Credit or Debit Card transaction has been approved.


Because of the effect of different time-zones, your application may be approved the same day or the next working day.  For the same reason, we may receive your Graduation package for forwarding the next working day or the day after.  To take account of these variations, we like to allow 5 working days from the time you make your purchase online to us receiving your Graduation package for forwarding.


NO OTHER provider, no matter what they promise, ships orders as fast as we do.





We are required by our contracts to ship orders by Registered Mail, which gives legal proof of shipping and delivery. It is important that you understand that once the Graduation Package has been entrusted to the care of Registered Mail, we have no direct control over it. We pay for every Graduation Package to be shipped by Global Priority Airmail. The envelopes are actually printed stating that delivery should take place worldwide in “up to 5 working days” and over 90% of our packages are delivered within that timeframe. 




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