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How It Works 

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How many times have you found the perfect job?


You have all the skills required.

You are confident about your ability to be able to perform as needed.


You lack the employment history, have unexplainable gaps in your past employment,  lack the required references due to leaving on bad terms, being self-employed or too many short contract assignments?


Whatever the reason can HELP!!  


If you are interested in using our services to put you above your competition and would like to see what your references will look like BEFORE YOU BUY, review the company site we feel best matches your request and even call the company number to see how calls are handled.



Provide us with the following information or fill out the Free Reference request form:


  • The requested area code for company number

  • The industry you are looking to gain employment in or need references provided for

  • Job Title

  • # of References needed

  • Dates of employment to be covered

  • A brief description of the desired company type ( Example: IT, Medical, Warehouse, etc..)

  • Type of job applying for & position held

  • Any additional information that will help us best match you with the right company and reference provider

  • The Request form you complete will also be your member profile once you proceed, you will be able to log in and edit or update any details as needed.


Once we receive the above information we will assign you to one of our 200 established company sites and reference providers that specialize in your career field.  BEFORE YOU BUY, this information will be emailed to you for review along with:


  • Link to assigned company site for your review and approval (if the company provided does not meet your need additional company links will be provided for your review upon request )

  • Ability to call any numbers listed on the company site provided to see how incoming calls are handled. (Certain plans will allow you to request a live operator if one is not already assigned or the ability to customize call handling.)

  • Name, email and extension details to all reference providers.

       (Member can request the name of choice for an additional cost of $20)

  • Professionally located company address that will be added to the contact page of your company site upon payment receipt.  (Address can be changed if the location is not in the desired area. )



Career Excuse also offers professional resume writing services, verifiable letter of employment or recommendation letter, Landlord reference (Past rental history, or employment verification for a rental purpose), the custom company design and development tailored to your request.  We will even call your past employer acting as your potential employer calling to obtain a past employment reference, then relay all questions asked and their response. Once the call is completed we will email you a detailed report for you to see just what is being said. (want to know how they are answering a certain question? Simply tell us what you want us to ask and we will tell you how they answered

                                     Complete a Free Reference Request Form and 






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