Let CareerExcuse with 200+ virtual companies conduct a employment reference check on your behalf to a former employer and begin your next job interview with confidence!

Check Past Employer References

A professional reference specialist verifies the fundamental attributes of your employment history, essential performance characteristics, and accomplishments as a hiring manager/HR manager from one of our 200+ virtual companies.   Your reference specialist will attempt to conduct in writing, via FAX/ or Email, a comprehensive reference check with your HR Dept, manager/supervisor, associate, or a co-worker.  All written correspondences will be forwarded to you via our virtual company email address.  Any phone conversation will be recorded and provided to you as a email attachment.


We ask your reference to respond to the following:


  • Title & Role

  • Employment Start & End Dates

  • Pay Rate. (optional)

  • Evaluation of 14 Key Performance Attributes

  • Reason for Separation?

  • Are you Eligible for Re-hire?

  • Can you be Recommended?

  • Strength of that Recommendation

  • Direct Quotes from your Reference

  • Documentated Multi-page report of what they said & the manner in which they said it.





How Does a Reference Check Work?


Unlike other reference check services who charge anywhere between $35-$50 for each reference check. CareerExcuse understands that most hiring companies always request a minimun of THREE references.  Therefore, our reference check plan includes up to three reference checks and is very competitively priced.


I have several references I want to check?
Our Reference Check Includes one company HR Dept, ONE Supervisor and one other person who could be a former boss, co-worker or another HR company from one of our established companies.  If you need further reference checks, consult with a CareerExcuse reference specialist and we will be more than happy to meet your needs.


What happens after I place my orders?
We will assign your case to an experienced reference provider and you will receive an introductory email from them letting you know work has begun.  You will receive notification of the time and date the verification request was sent.  This can give you valuable insight on how long your references may respond. 


How long will it take?
The time it takes to complete your reference check is entirely dependent on the availability of the person you’ve asked us to contact. Their availability is beyond our control, but we work diligently to execute your order.


Will my reference know I hired you?
No. Our relationship with you is strictly confidential. CareerExcuse will deploy one of our many virtual companies who will acting as interested in hiring you.


Will my reference know you are with CareerExcuse.com
Simply put: – No.  We have 5+ years experience providing references with our virtual companies and have installed many firewalls to prevent any virtual company from being exposed as associated with CarereExcuse. 


So, you contact my reference, what’s next?
We assemble the information gleaned from our inquiry into an easy to read and understand well-documented multi-page report. We also include the most relevant verbatim quotes made by your reference.


How will I receive my reference check report?
Your reference check report will be delivered to you as an email attachment in a PDF format. Any verbal communication will be sent as quicktime attachment in a email.



Professional Reference Check of HR, 1 Supervisor and 1 Other






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