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CareerExcuse is the world’s leading provider of professional references since July 2009.  Providing almost 12 years of successful references for professionals in all industries. This means we understand that during your career search, you will face different challenges, but we are here to help you achieve any objectives and land that dream job!

It doesn't stop there, we also understand life may call for other reference needs.  Such as Landlord references, Personal References, B2B References, Client References, and many more.  Whatever your situation, we have a solution.   

Don't take chances when it comes to the things that matter most. has been in business as the #1 most trusted resume and reference service since July 2009.  

What We Offer

Turn your old resume into a VERIFIABLE resume with one of our very own company websites already listed on Google! Upload your current resume below and let us start working for you!

Meet The Team

William Schmidt  


As the founder of CareerExcuse, William Schmidt has been helping disadvantaged job applicants gain employment since 2009. William has helped many

people in different parts of the

world by acquiring professional references and providing a

verifiable resume for their

job search.


Prior to CareerExcuse,

William worked as a

District Manager for a Fortune 500 company for over 10 years.


– Primary Reference Provider

Jennifer Hatton

 Senior Partner &

Seniorr Career Consultant

As a Senior Career Consultant, Jennifer's

passion to help others

has driven her to become a skilled professional in writing resumes for

today’s Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) &

a primary reference provider.

From start to finish, she will listen, review

and discuss your goals to create a 100% verifiable resume that will land you

in the career you deserve.

Contact her today and see how she can help change tomorrow! 


– Secondary Reference Provider

– Website Design and Development 

Amey Lytle

 Head of Member Services & 

Career Consultant

With over 5 years at CareerExcuse, Amey quickly became a vital asset; with

her creative, unique ability to 

multitask and provide 

exceptional customer service.

Along with ensuring that all member

requests are met 24/7; by monitoring

LiveHelpNow, phones

and Member Support emails. 

Prior to CareerExcuse, her studies

as an English Major, have contributed to her success!


– Senior Reference Provider

–Website Design and Development

–  Editor  

Professional Resume Service!

Finally! A professional answering & resume service dedicated to helping disadvantaged job applicants create the image employers are looking for!  


Our secure Membership Area allows you to instantly update your answering script for your reference providers 24/7.


CareerExcuse demonstrated a 12-year history of success, making us an industry leader in the fake job references business.

Professional Job References

We will act as either your current or previous employer to provide you with 100% verifiable references that you will need during any reference inquiry. CareerExcuse has had the privilege of having Reference Providers skilled in all industries. 


Join today, and start creating a career that has a 100% verifiable work history, job description and pay range as you see fit.​ 


( Landlord references also available )

Our Job is to Answer The Phones as YOU PAY US TOO!

Welcome to the Internet's only site committed to the development of closely customized, fake job references!  


CareerExcuse team of professionals work around-the-clock transforming mediocre job references into flawless, eye-catching professional job references; that will make your resume stand out among the crowd and open new doors during your job search.  


Our customized fake job references are designed not only to dramatically increase the number of interviews, but also maximize your chances in getting hired!

END The Frustration of BAD References TODAY!

CareerExcuse uses a strategic process that produces impressive resumes, which will generate interviews, leading to extraordinary job offers.  Let us build a powerful resume with your new professional references that will easily pass through any online job screening portals AND will grab the attention of potential employers!

Our process offers areas for elaborate one on one discussions with our clients, analysis, and information gathering. Understanding our clients situation and background will help us create a resume that will astonish and exceed any expectations they may have.

Keyboard and Mouse

Clara T. on Sep 26, 2020

I worked with Jennifer and William

and they really helped me because I was

already turned down for a position because

of a past employer who harassed me

and made me quit, so I could not put them as a reference. CareerExcuse gave me

wonderful and glowing references they made me outshine the competition and

I got the job! I am so happy!

Very quick and detailed response.

We received our QS report within a week.

Great turnaround as timing is everything when Tenders need to go out.

John H. on Jul 2, 2020

I would highly recommend their service.

They were responsive whenever I had any questions or anything else that required

their attention. Jennifer and William

were both professional and efficient.

Especially if you are hesitant, it's always good to have a contingency plan if your

plan A falls through.


1. Talk to Us

(855) 945-4299 

Book a Consultation today and tell us all about your Resume & Reference needs!

Need Custom Made References that match your current resume? 

OR prefer to use one of CareerExcuse's already established company websites for added realism and better results?


One of our Professional Career Consultants are standing by to answer your call!

2. Pick A Plan


CareerExcuse offers different membership plans when signing up for our services.

To figure our which plan is best suited for you, one of our skilled Career Consultants will chat with you about your situation, how many references you will need and then answer any questions you may have. 

Based on everything discussed during your one-on-one, we will assist you in choosing the best plan that will match all your resume needs as well as fitting your budget. 

3. Activate


After you've decided which membership plan to go with, we then process all necessary information and send over a professional draft of your requested references for you to review.

Once you have looked over all the details of your draft, you have the opportunity to schedule an onboarding meeting with your primary reference provider; who can go over any questions you may have and lastly, make any final revisions. 

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All Reference plans can be custom made using your requested

Company name upon approval. Additional fees will apply

CareerExcuse offers services to all of the USA, Canada, AU, and the UK.  If you do not live

in these areas, please contact us before proceeding.

To view your references prior to purchase click " See My References " and fill out the

 FREE Reference Request form. Be sure to include

all requested reference details and we will email a complete detailed draft for your review 



To apply with custom details, Fill out the Free Reference Request form and enter in all

details required to match your References for approval. 

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